Austronesian Development Programme 2022-2032

ADP is aimed at improving rural and urban livelihoods through sustainable community-based initiatives and empowerment.

The pilot phase kicks off in July 2022. Key beneficiaries targeted include communities in Madagascar, Bangladesh, India, Uganda, Kenya, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, US, Philippines, Nicaragua, DRC, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

The programme’s designed towards facilitating better access to quality and affordable opportunities in Nutrition, Health, Industry, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Education, Sports, Arts, Culture, and Employment alongside related SDGs for impoverished families (rural and urban), refugees, and internally displaced communities (affected by conflict).

Identifying and forging strategic partnerships and inclusion of and with local governments, organisations and citizens has commenced.

If you’re interested in participating as a volunteer, partner organisation, or sponsor, please get in touch before June 14th, 2022.