MentorSkillED focuses on tailored, short-term training, education, career guidance, and continuous professional development for different clients.

Excellent for individuals, students, employees, employers, supervisors, leaders, teams and groups, sessions can be in-person and online.

We lean on regular research and combined experience from our networks in different fields to bring you knowledge that is relevant, timely, based on best current practices to refresh your training and skills. Our sessions give you a competitive advantage over your peers and position you to challenge yourself in a continuously rewarding way.

Our approach is one of open-mindedness, independence, self-discipline, mentoring, ensuring competitive skills, and checking for effectiveness of training, knowledge and competence.

We also cater to clients who need someone dedicated and experienced to co-supervise their employees, teams, groups, students, conduct orientation, and shadowing.

Continuously investing in yourself and your team is one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. It opens everyone up to numerous opportunities for growth and success. Get in touch with us today!

Short CPD ProgrammesIndividualGroup (5-10 people)Validity
Public Speaking & Communication PSC0122750,000 Ugx4.5 million Ugx3 Months
Advanced English Language AEL0122800,000 Ugx6 million Ugx3 Months
Computer Applications & The Internet CAI0122800,000 Ugx6 million Ugx3 Months
Leadership, Conflict & Diplomacy LCD0122800,000 Ugx6 million Ugx3 Months
Advanced Public Relations APR0122800,000 Ugx6 million Ugx3 Months
Career Readiness & Guidance CRG0122750,000 Ugx4.5 million Ugx3 Months
Bid & Proposal Writing BPW0122900,000 Ugx7.5 million Ugx3 Months
Social Media Management SMM0122900,000 Ugx7.5 million Ugx3 Months
Entrepreneurship & Business Management EBM0122900,000 Ugx7.5 million Ugx3 Months
Wealth & Money Management WMM0122900,000 Ugx7.5 million Ugx3 Months
Effective Customer Experience ECE0122750,000 Ugx4.5 million Ugx3 Months
Sales, Marketing & Research SMR0122900,000 Ugx7.5 million Ugx3 Months
Customised Private Sessions
Students (Vocational, Tertiary, Secondary)1.2 million UgxNot Applicable3 Months
Corporate1.2 million UgxNot Applicable3 Months
Adult Education1.2 million UgxNot Applicable3 Months
Orientation, Induction, Mentoring
Counseling40,000 UgxNot Applicable3 Days/Week
Student Transitioning (School/Career)450,000 Ugx3 million Ugx2 Months
Learner’s Academic Support450,000 Ugx3 million Ugx2 Months
Learner’s Welfare Support450,000 Ugx3 million Ugx2 Months
Employee & Business Owner500,000 Ugx4 million Ugx2 Months
Seminars, Contests & Mini-Expos
Seminar50,000 Ugx400,000 Ugx1 Day
Contest50,000 Ugx500,000 Ugx1 Day
Mini-Expo Participant250,000 Ugx2 million Ugx3 Days
Mini-Expo (General Attendant)50,000 Ugx400,000 Ugx3 Days
*All rates exclusive of tax and transaction charges. Rates effective as of 1st Jan to 30th Dec 2022.