Online Magazine

Contento Times (CTM) has evolved over the years to attract a loyal, high-end, and global readership online.

Founded in 2018, the Emma Magazine (TEM) has since been rebranded to Contento Times Magazine (CTM).

The magazine offers positive, objective, inclusive, inspiring, and impactful life-enriching tips, and unique perspectives tackling various topics aimed at multi-culturally and multi-nationally distinctive, ambitious audiences passionate about staying informed and elevating their lifestyles with easily accessible, simple, relatable, timeless, and quality information.

We are growing our media to stretch to other platforms and channels.

Special Feature50,000 UshSingle Article
Chronicles150,000 Ush1 Month/ 8 Articles Maximum
Contributing Content500,000 Ush12 Months/ 24 Articles Minimum
Sponsored Review300,000 Ush2 Weeks/ 3 Review Articles
Sponsored Category/ Monopoly1 million Ush2 Weeks
Take-Over7 Million Ush2 Months
*All rates exclusive of tax and transaction charges. Rates effective as of 1st Jan to 30th Dec 2022.