Focused on ensuring the client’s success and exceeding expectations, ConsultXID is our number one recommendation for individual clients, groups, families, teams, businesses, non-profits and organisations.

We take on our clients’ needs, concerns, and dreams as our own and delight in collaboration towards problem solving and maximisation of opportunities.

Our approach is simplicity, customisation, keen attention to detail, competitiveness and sustainability.

We owe our growing influence to the trust built through solid client relationships, transparent interactions and offering tailored solutions that work.

Our target clientele are individuals, groups, businesses, or organisations with a remarkable determination to succeed, solve problems, confront challenges, take on opportunities, continuously grow and improve.

To us each new client represents more than a ‘job or project’. They represent opportunities for richer experiences and long term professional relationships.

While maintaining small remote teams, we constantly cultivate various strategic work arrangements with other professionals whom we engage on behalf of our clients.

Our consulting services continue to be available to different sectors and countries.

Are you looking to start or expand a business? Secure your career? Unsure about your position, plans and goals? Thinking to improve the quality of service or product you offer? Need someone to represent your business interests? Seeking balance between your personal and professional goals? Or are you an individual, family or team with similar needs? Trust us to help you figure things out and accomplish your goals!

Service & Product
Business Consulting
Retainer800,000 Ugx6 Months
Individual65,000 Ugx2 hours
Group80,000 Ugx2 hours
Client Representation
Retainer1 Million Ugx6 Months
Business Operations3 Million Ugx6 Months
Meetings1.5 Million Ugx6 Months
Banking1.5 Million Ugx6 Months
Implementation/ Execution
Retainer1.4 million Ugx1 Month
Oversight3 million Ugx1 Month
Departmental1.9 million Ugx1 Month
Documentation (Field/ Non-profits)2 million Ugx2 Weeks
Business Writing
Reports (Operations, Projects, Management, Board)60,000 Ugx1 Week
Proposals & Grant Applications 500,000 Ugx1 Week
Bids4 million Ugx2 Weeks
Speeches60,000 Ugx1 Week
Job Descriptions60,000 Ugx1 Week
Policies & Manuals600,000 Ugx2 Weeks
Document Review, Proofreading & Editing (20 pages)100,000 Ugx2 Weeks
Simple Business Plan, Strategy200,000 Ugx2 Weeks
Comprehensive Business Plan, Strategy1 million Ugx1 Month
Content Development (Websites, Newsletters, Blogs)Starting at 650,000 Ugx1 Month
Basic Legal Advisory80,000 Ugx2 hours
Comprehensive Legal Advisory150,000 Ugx2 hours
Standard Business Incorporation800,000 Ugx1 Month
Comprehensive Business Incorporation4 million Ugx2 Months
Information Technology
ICT SupportStarting at 650,000 Ugx1 Month
Standard Blog Design & Maintenance700,000 Ugx1 Month
Advanced Blog Design & Maintenance1 million Ugx1 Month
Standard Website Design & Maintenance1.5 million Ugx1 Month
Advanced Website Design & Maintenance3 million Ugx1 Month
*All rates exclusive of tax, travel, and transaction charges. Rates effective 1st Jan to 30th Dec 2022.