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Please check each brand webpage for applicable rates and fees specific to your needs.

Our prices, fees, and rates are standard so you never have to worry about mysterious billing regardless of country of origin or level of business acumen.

We offer you transparency, dedication, experience, discretion, engagement, consistency, accountability, customisation, and unrivaled value for unbelievably lower rates confident you won’t find the same anywhere else.

We are our own competition and we are enthusiastic about you and the goals you want to achieve.

Clients should be dealing or wishing to deal in ethical and lawful sectors only and be dedicated to current best practices. We reserve the right to turn down clients who don’t meet our criteria.

When we are not engaging in research and learning, we are identifying and cultivating strategic relationships with reliable professionals, talent, and partners in various sectors and economies on a retainer basis, commission, and other arrangements to enable us deliver a wealth of expertise and the right connections for clients’ benefit.

Our ideal client is a serious individual, team, or organisation, focused, decisive, professional, open-minded, cooperative, keen on high standard work, integrity, continuous improvement, and current best practices.

While we charge competitively affordable rates to encourage investment, entrepreneurship, partnerships, and a culture of consulting for continuous improvement and sustainable problem solving, we don’t compromise on quality nor entertain mediocrity. We pursue excellence regardless of client type, product or service package, and rate.

10% off each rate per product or service is dedicated to facilitating charitable, humanitarian, and philanthropic activities via our community outreach projects and programmes alongside volunteer sponsor support. Up to 30% goes towards staff, intern and volunteer commissions, and other compensation.

Should we be unable to take on your business for whatever reason, we’ll be honest about it and advise you accordingly.

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*Prices are exclusive of tax, and transfer or transaction fees should one want to make payments through a service. The currency used is UGX but equivalent payments may be made by clients in the currency of their choice. Other fees such as standard/ fixed legal, regulatory, government, market suppliers, travel, and any third parties are not included as these depend on the client’s specific needs, choices and go directly to the respective institution as appropriate.

All payments are inclusive of administration and professional fees and made in advance of services provided.

Flexible payment options are available on request (T&Cs apply).

Please check at the bottom of each brand webpage for current and updated rates.

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