AES is a new co-educational school being established in Uganda (East Africa) inspired by homeschooling approaches to learning that’s in all ways flexible for parents and their children, truly wholesome, strategically relevant for modern times, highly engaging, responsive, quality, worthwhile and exclusive.

We aim to provide a world-class educational experience for children 3 years old to 19 years old.

We are committed to offering prestigious learning fit for the upper class, heirs, and heiresses, combining the best of academics, co-curricular, and high society etiquette.

A child enrolled at Archers is set for a lifetime of success regardless of their career choice or when they may take on family businesses and legacies.


Our core choice is the National Curriculum for England complemented by the Cambridge and IB curriculums. Learners experience learning tailored to their unique backgrounds, individual levels, and strengths.

Small Class Sizes:

We believe in each child receiving the best of teacher support and attention they need. Smaller student populations also enable learners to enjoy maximum access to all facilities provided.

Our target enrolment for the academic year 2021-2022 is 50 students. Enrolment is based on a first-come, first-served basis while vacancies are available; parents and guardians are encouraged to book at the earliest.


Archers is designed to attract the best possible teachers in the region and around the world, passionate about children and learning, friendly, trustworthy, patient, exemplary, respectful, competent, highly experienced, and trained.

Proper Meals and Nutrition:

Students are introduced to fine dining with carefully and professionally prepared meals that are healthy and delicious. Learners are guided in proper etiquette and meals are had at proper dining tables.

Learning Resources:

The quality of learning resources is highly valued at Archers. Learners receive high-quality notebooks, stationery, and more to creatively and fully engage their imagination, concentration as well as acquaint them with an executive world.

Conducive Environment:

Archers is committed to availing the best possible facilities to enrich each learner’s experience at the school. Safety, health, self-discipline, and fun are top priorities. We aim to inspire the joy of lifelong learning in each student, a sense of adventure and exploration, work ethic and teamwork, confidence, and character relevant for them to thrive as individuals and global citizens. Learners are guaranteed homely comfort and sufficient focus to facilitate their wholesome educational journey while with us.

Flexible Residential Options:

Our boarding options are flexible for all families. Parents may choose full-term or part-time accommodation at the school for their child and suitable arrangements made for them to visit as often and appropriately as possible or pick up their child for the weekends. Families may check-in via video call and interact with their child when apart as often as necessary to reinforce the child-parent bond.

Co-curricular activities and Clubs:

Supporting learners to develop their unique passions and interests, co-curricular instructors and guides are expected to be the best in their fields and cultivate expertise in learners. Whether it be music, science, dance, sport, or any other interest, you can rest assured your child will develop professional skills.

Parent Involvement:

The best of learning starts with a parent (home) and all families are encouraged to cooperate with the school and team with their child whenever the opportunity arises to do so.

Religious Education:

Families can opt for religious education to be provided for their child (Christian- nondenominational) or pick up their child from school for special religious events (Islam, Catholic, Buddhist, and other faiths). Religious education is optional and children wishing not to participate are offered co-curricular activities for the period or any guided (supervised) activity of their choice.

Affordable Fees:

On paying your child’s first AES tuition, he or she is entitled to receiving free learning resources and uniforms*. All student tuition covers meals and school facilities. Admission and/or booking fees are a one-off payment.

Residential or boarding fees are optional and families may request to pay only for the period they wish their child to utilise these facilities. This gives families the choice to alternate a day and boarding arrangement if they so wish and as guided by the school. Additional fees (some optional) are available in our admissions pack.

Discounts are available and families may request to be guided on these.

Scholarships on merit are being considered for the next academic year 2022-2023 exclusively for learners enrolled in 2021-2022.


Regardless of COVID-19 disruptions to your child’s learning and individual family situation, as well as his or her curriculum background (national, international, or homeschooled), talk to us for options around how best your child can be supported at a pace healthy for their development and overall learning. Enrolments are year-round for learners in non-candidate classes or levels.

For our admissions pack, please write to